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Intentions to pray for

Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta


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Please pray for Anthony to be healed from the operation he had while deployed with the U.S. army in Germany.


Would you be so kind to place these two intentions on the tomb of St. Mother Teresa:

1) Our prioress Sr. Thérèse is asking prayer for the peace on earth.

2) And please pray for me, Sr. Josephine: that through God’s grace I always keep my faith in Christ and that I may remain fully dedicated to the people with all my heart forever.

Many thanks and wishing you all God’s blessing!


Please pray for all my heart intention and the health of my husband Jose


Healing and renewal of the marriage of Fabienne and Martin.


Lord JHS we adore You in the Sacrament and we give You Thanks for the sanctification of mother Teresa and for intercession of Mutter Teresa von Kalkutta we pray for the conversion of poor sinners , for the healing of sicks, for the peace in the families and in the world, for the Church and for dying: open Your Kingdom for all dying, specially for poor dying. Mother and Queen of Divine Will pray for us. Mutter Teresa von Kalkutta pray for us, Luisa  pray for us and for sanctification of all priests and nuns in Divine Will


Please pray for my cousin Bernadette. She is 12 years old, and was born with heart and kidney problems, and minor cerebral palsy in her arm and foot. I was at Ave Maria University in Florida when I was given a Mother Teresa prayer card with a 2nd class relic. I felt like God wanted me to pray for something specifically, and after a little bit, He impressed upon me that if I pray to Mother Teresa every day for a year, Bernadette will be healed. Please earnestly join me in my prayers!


I ask you to please pray for me.

I pray for all intentions which I ardently desire especially for my studies,

career, and love life. I pray for the good health and intentions of my

family my dad, mom, grandma and grandpa. I ask for the peace, love, hope,

charity and forgiveness in my family not only in my family but also in my

relatives, classmates and other acquaintances. I ask you to join and support

me in my prayers. By praying the rosary daily. And I thank God for all the

bountiful graces which I receive that he gave to me and my family. I pray also for my friends I also remember them in all my

prayers and for the intention of Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict

XVI. I ask this through the intercession of Mary Mother of God and Mutter Teresa von Kalkutaa through

Christ our Lord. Amen.








Through the intercession of Saint Mother Teresa, I pray that I may recognize and follow the will of God in my life. For nothing to interfere in the perfect plan and providence of God. Thank you.


Please pray for my husband and I as we meet with an attorney tomorrow, 9/5/17, for estate planning and making a will.  For Peace and God’s Will.  Thank you!


I have been jobless since March this year. Please pray for me that I will get a job with a better salary soon.


I am praying to Mother Teresa to help me with my health, I have a pain in my upper back and my left breast, also I am losing my vision on my right eye. Please Mother Teresa, pray for me and my needs. I am also praying for my brother in law that has colon cancer and my landlady Maureen  with pancreatic cancer, help both of them, I know that they are having a difficult time. Mother Teresa, please, ask our Lord Jesus Christ to heal us!

Thank you very much!


I request to pray to our most loving mother and St. Theresa to get a job as I am jobless since last give months. Our loving mother had greatly cared for the poor people who was starving from hunger , cared for the naked with clothes and loved the old people with great kind and care. I hereby request you to pray for me as I the only person who is the solely responsible for daily necessities and my daughters education. I have lost peace of my hand as I am getting angry quickly with everyone. Please pray for me and my daughter.


Please help me with prayers on the following:-

1. I work with Guardian Insurance Services, Malawi. My General Manager in his capacity is not a responsible man. He will always go the Managing Director and report on untrue issues. He will create bad and untrue stories for him to look good. Help me with prayers that he change his bad behavior and turn to God. If he is digging a pit for others he himself should fall into it.

2. Pray for me that I should be a responsible Man, good husband for my wife and good dad to my kids. I should be faithful in everything I do, at home with my family, at work and with my friends.

3. Pray for my kids that they grow in spirit, they should live a prayerful life. God fearing always and they should work hard in class. They should also be intelligent in class.


To begin, I confess that I AM POOR (I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE POOR)

I am poor for a variety of reasons in my career and personal life.

I am poor yet highly educated.

Prayer Requests: I applied for financial aid from the USA government.  I am eligible for financial aid because I am US Citizen (with a valid current US Passport) and I believe that my Credit is good enough for this Graduate Plus loan; YET:

I recently got an email that I need to prove US Citizenship in order to be eligible for financial aid, so that I can finish my Legal Studies at ...  Law school or elsewhere.

Here is the problem: I believe that there are certain persons in my past (so-called enemies/hackers/etc.) who are causing me problems. I do not know their motivation.

All I know, is that I was nearly killed by a crime "hit and run" last year.  And certain "strange events" keep happening.  Unknown, is it a curse by an unknown enemy?

Furthermore,  I have been prayer First Friday and First Saturday to Our Lady of Fatima this year, as a devout Catholic.   Is it because my Dad has a lack of faith and Sunday worship?

I ask for St. Teresa of Calcutta's intercession to  Jesus and the Angels (particularly St. Michael the Archangel and the Holy Spirit to disperse the evil in my situation; because I believe that I am in a spiritual warfare battle. Spiritual wickedness in high places of authority, political agendas, revenge, etc. "The Battle is not mine but is the Lord" possibly.

I am in a battle against Goliath.

Furthermore, I am in a battle also, because my parents are also elderly and at least one is really sick.

I am on my own basically.

The generation of my parents are dying.  My parents are traveling now to Florida and maybe Jamaica (my birth country) to see a dying friend (imminent death possible)

Whoever or whatever my "enemies" are or their motivations: again, they are working in secret behind the scenes, causing me problems.  This particular student loan company is causing me problems, while other student loan companies are not.  This particular student loan was sued by the Obama administration before the new administration took over.  I am praying the Novena to St. Teresa of Calcutta and the Holy Spirit. I praying a double novena.  I ask that Missionaries of Charity Sisters around the world pray for me at this time.

I have always been close to St. Teresa of Calcutta.  When living in Rome, Italy, I made a visit a few times to the room, that St. Teresa of Calcutta slept and prayed with the Missionaries of Charities Sisters.  And I have venerated other First Class relics of St. Teresa of Calcutta in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, where I attended daily Mass in Washington, DC.

By the way, as a devout Catholic, I have regularly attended daily Mass for over 20 years.

Now, I face another Cross, from forces unknown to me, that are denying my US citizenship.

Finally, I am facing a Goliath, possibly a big student loan company (which is political controlled by a political party - New York Times article - that I have opposed).  Is this a political vendetta against me? A personal revenge by former colleagues?  Is it simply racism?  Part of not knowing is part of the problem.  Jesus, I Trust in You and Jesus, I ask you hear St. Teresa of Calcutta's intercession and others who may pray for me.

I ask St. Teresa of Calcutta intercession to Jesus, who is "Thirsting for Love" in my heart.


Dear Mother Teresa Please pray for my sister to get a husband. She is lonely and sad. we have been trying since 5 years, we are very much worried, Please mother teresa pray to remove sorrow from her life. Please give her a family. Please pray for her to get married




Please pray for me  as i urgently needed thirty lakh Rupees  to repay back my debts before the 20th of September 2017 which  has been accumulated due  to  my  wrong decision  I have tried  all ways and means to repay  back my  debts  since  the  last 4 years  but each  time  I  tried  i ended  up  accumulating  more debts so that  through  the  intercession of Mother Teresa, Jesus  would  perform a miracle  in my life  to get the  money resources  that I  urgently needed.

      St Teresa of Calcutta  please pray for me. Thank  you


I would like to submit a petition.

The petition is the liberation from homosexual sin, the conversion to the Catholic faith and the salvation of the soul of a dear friend of mine, "M.R.".


Please pray for me as I have been given 30 days’ notice period from my office to look out for a new job. They will try to send me for interview internally to other departments within 30 days however, if the requirement is not there then I have to leave the organization after 30 days. Request you to please pray that I may get a good post with good salary hike and good management within the organization within the same location and day shift job.


Please, pray for Zander. Pray also for Lauren that God will take away all of her illness and that she don’t have to take any medications. She will be able to graduate from school and have a good job with a loving husband.


Please pray for the elections in Aruba on 22 September 2017. Against a corrupt government.

For a landslide win of the M.E.P. for the restoration of democracy. For a just new government and a God loving motherly new Prime Minister. Pray also for spiritual blindness to be removed and removal of brainwashing by the present government and its partners. For God’s Face to shine like the sun on our island and bring what is being done in darkness into light.


Please I humbly request you to join me praying for 3 intentions of mine;

1. Getting good job

2. My financial crisis

3. To restore my relationship with S.M.


I am working in Saudi Arabia, kindly pray for getting release from financial crisis in Saudi Arabia, getting healing from diabetics for my wife shelly getting blessing for making a home in Kerala, getting blessing for repairing my old prayer home in Kerala, getting holy spirit in my spiritual activities, getting blessing for my daughter Maria ten standard in Saudi Arabia, getting blessing for my new assign job in Saudi Arabia.


Please keep Father Doug in your prayers. Father is a Secular Franciscan at Venerable Matt Talbot.  His mother, Agnes went home to God this week. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace!

Also, please pray for all those in the path of Hurricane Irma. As with Hurricane Harvey, a great number of our own brothers and sisters are in harm’s way over the next few days.  The Rescue Teams are worn out and supplies, including gasoline, batteries, bottled water, etc. are already depleted. They really need all the prayers that can be offered.


Please pray for my wife, Christine to find a new domestic travel job. This will help our family.

Please pray for the complete healing of my prostate. Healing of my prostate so I can live pain free.


Will you please pray for my heart to feel loved by the Divine and for joy to be expressed through my life, and for compassions, strength, humility, generosity, and non-attachment to flow through my being? I long to be a pure vessel of light for this world, and want to feel that connection to the Divine in order to sustain me. It is like a life line.


Mother, I surrender my daughter Zinovia into your hands. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, undergone 2 surgeries & yet more to go... seen her suffering and struggling a lot since birth till now. She's 19 months & still can't walk or talk. I surrender her into your hands pray for her to become a normal child.


I come to you for prayers for the following petitions

1) A colleague whose elderly father had a fall and is currently in the intensive care unit. That he recovers soon

2) A friend's son who is undergoing certain investigations. He is very ill... that the doctors are able to diagnose the problem and that he recovers soon

3) A colleague who is pregnant with her first child...that she has a healthy and safe pregnancy

4) For Gauri, Teesta, Parasuraman, Shalini, Phanse, Surinder, Mahashweta and Saroj

5) Our Rohingya Muslim sisters and brothers who are facing persecution that world leaders work to help them and ensure their full rights

6) Rohan, Nadia and Godfrey

7) Brinelle - Discernment and healing and admission to PhD program in JNU

8) All those who have lost their lives and homes in natural disasters - that God console their families and help them to rebuild their lives


I pray for me to fill the Inside Sales position at Red Hat-Dubai.  I pray for me to get the job, for me to have wisdom and presence of mind during the interview. I pray also that the process of visa transfer from my current employer to Red Hat will be smooth, in this I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.





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Requesting Saint Teresa’s Intercession

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Have your petition(s) placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa and included in the  prayers of the Missionaries of Charity and all those throughout the world seeking Saint Teresa’s intercession. A special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Motherhouse in Calcutta.


NOTE: The prayer request will be posted here anonymously unless you request them to remain confidential. If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail. Thank you



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