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Intentions to pray for

Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta





Dear Mother Teresa

Please pray for dad's forgiveness of his sins and his eternal salvation.

Please help pray that Kein will be offered a job soon. Please pray that he would not feel depressed and rejected in the meantime.

Please pray that Kay will be cured of autism and pray that her classmates will not bully her again and she will have good friends and teachers to help her. Please guide and protect her and help her to live as normally as possible. Please help her with social skills so that she would not anger her friends.

Please pray that Kay and Yew will do well at school and in their exams. Please pray especially for Yew Hong to do well in his 'O' levels.

Please pray for mum, Kein, Candy, Yew and Kay Kay for their conversion, good health and happiness. Please pray that mum will have a happy, healthy and long life.

Please help pray that Isabel and Isaac would be merciful and return my money. Please bless Suja, Ignatius and Abdul wisdom, diligence to expedite the case. Please help to intercede in this case please.

Please pray that Samuel's kidneys will remain healthy and please pray that both Samuel and Chris will cope with the divorce.

Please pray that I would do well in work and at school. Please help me do well in my assignments, help me to help my clients and help me be a good counsellor.

Thank you Mother Teresa for all your prayers and thank you for looking after me. E


I pray for my mother and me also, have good health always, avoid typhoon and earthquake in Cebu City Philippines, avoid tragic accident, and i hope my PaPa is in heaven.


Please pray for my “Prayer Brother, Paul, OCDS who is suffering from Melanoma tumors in his side and left groin area.


Please for healing of my son Joseph who has ADHD, slow processing and stuttering and needs medication for school, church etc. Joseph always struggles more than his twin brothers in school work, sports, friendship etc and has expressed deep sadness and frustration because of that. His twin brother won prizes at school and finishes work fast. This frustrates Joseph who works hard but never wins anything and takes long time to finish everything. Please pray Joseph be able to keep up with his twin brother and discover his own strengths. His twin brother also has some ADHD but it is much less.  Please pray that they both get completely healed or at least Joseph gets healed enough to keep up with his twin brother.

Please pray they get good friends in school, after school activities, prayer meeting, catechism,  etc. and pray for their chastity, protection and healing from all immorality. Pray my husband, kids and I grow close to God, be filled with the Holy Spirit and do God's will in our lives and attain salvation.


Please hold Lauren in your loving arms. She is struggling so right now with who she is. With the help of Our Lady please walk her back to Our Lord and to peace and safety.



Tracy, a lineman with Allegheny Power for 25+years, needs immediate and serious prayer. He went to Florida to work storm trouble 13 days ago. He worked 16 hour days in 100 degree heat. Several nights he slept in a tractor trailer with 36 linemen on cots. Today he had contact with 7000 volts and has been severely burned. The electric went in through his right arm and across his chest. It exited through the left shoulder. He has extensive full burns on his arms, chest, back, shoulders. He has lost a lot of muscle and tissue already. He is in critical condition. He has burns on 36%of his body. We need immediate prayer from everyone you can think of. Praying for him to stay alive, keep his limbs, and to be able to use his arms and hands again. We think he will have more surgery on Friday and again on Sunday to remove the necrotic tissue and muscle. He is currently intubated, was intubated at the scene, but not sure if they are keeping it in or not. They are concerned about pneumonia. And obviously skin infections would be deadly. If he makes it, which we believe he will, it will be many many operations and months of recovery. Thanks. Feel free to pass this on to whoever will pray.


I´m just a mother requesting you to pray for my son Isaac, who is in the hospital with a severe depression. Please pray for him to be healed.

Thank you. I trust that Jesus Christ will do it.


We deeply admire Mother Theresa and wish her intercession for our following intentions:-

1. Self (P):-  I wish to get rid of my jealousy & ego towards my brothers and inferiority complex. Please intercede for me.

2. Our children (Peter, Stephen both aged 8 years. (D.O.B - 10th August 2009) :- Both of them are having recurring cough and taking medicines. I am deeply concerned about their Throat and Lungs. One day while playing in the beach, they were sitting and a big wave came and ran over them. Both of them then struggled to clear the Throat. After few days, severe cough occurred. I took them to hospital with great fear in my mind if any water or mud has gone into their Nostrils and Lungs. But doctor said nothing has happened like that. That cough was over after about 20 days of medicine. But then cough re-appears again after some time. It can be normal cough, but I am always worried about that incident. We humbly request to intercede for our children. Thank you very much, with love and best wishes, P & B


Please pray for my son's safety and successful operation next week...pray also for my daughter-in-law who is suffering from pain due to kidney stones and that these stones disappear naturally with the help of natural medications that she will take...pray also for my son Kenneth that he find a job. Pray also for our family that we finally find and purchase a home that we will call our own...pray also for good health for my whole family including my mother and brother...Thank you very much!


Michael had a stroke about a year ago( in his early 50's) and has been able to return to most activities. BUT from the moment he had the stroke, he has suffered tremendously from powerful, debilitating headaches causing his whole life to change. He has been to doctors all along the eastern coast, who specialize in this field and none can find a reason for this 24-7 pain.

We know our God knows the cause and can heal Michael's suffering.

Please ask our Healing Lord to pour His blessing out on Michael restoring him to the wholeness and wellness he was created to be in.

Peace and gratitude








Requesting Saint Teresa’s Intercession

♦Submit your petition. Write to: prayer@motherteresa.org



Have your petition(s) placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa and included in the  prayers of the Missionaries of Charity and all those throughout the world seeking Saint Teresa’s intercession. A special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Mother-house in Calcutta.


NOTE: The prayer request will be posted here anonymously unless you request them to remain confidential. If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail. Thank you



♦Grace and favor received through Mother Teresa's intercession








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