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As Jesus Did

Mother Teresa's love for human life is what makes me admire her. She showed unconditional love especially to the poor. She followed God's direction and she did this every minute of her life. I could only wish for a life of completely giving to others. I am a mother of 3 and care for my parents as well. She inspires me to keep helping others as Jesus did.


I Love mother Teresa because she is Albanian and so m I. I love because she tells things that are so right.



She followed God, did his work here on earth EVEN THOUGH she lived with constant doubts. These are doubts that MOST of us, if we are honest and spiritually grounded, will admit we have from time to time. But she lived on FAITH in spite of doubt.


What a message of the grace of God!


I loved the way she loved the poor because I too worked many years with low caste untouchable Hindus in Bangladesh and I was called their Mother Teresa because I did many things like she did cleaning maggots from wounds etc. There are thousands of Mother Teresa's around the world as if she has duplicated herself. Yes, I know she is a saint and I am one of the lucky ones to have known her. Her sisters do wonderful work wherever they are.


It is so wonderful knowing a saint like her and I hope to see her canonized.



Mother Teresa represented to me a light shining in the darkness, a hope for the poor and the sick and a heart full of compassion.



She was so humble and holy. She did all the things to please human kind and human being. I like to be inspired.



As a Protestant, I loved Mother Teresa. I saw in her true Christianity. I even wanted to go to Calcutta and work with her; I was so sad that she died before I could. On Easter Vigil 2001, I was received into the Catholic Church. I attribute my conversion to the intercession of Mother Teresa. I believe that when she got to Heaven, God showed her the impact she had on my life and as a result, prayed me home to Christ's Church. I took the name Teresa as my confirmation name in honor of her. Thank you Blessed Mother Teresa. I love you for your faithfulness to God and being a tangible witness of Christ's unconditional love. Pax Christi







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Beaucoup ont été touchés ou ont changé grâce à Mère Teresa. Nous souhaiterions recevoir vos souvenirs personnels pour aider à la diffusion de la connaissance et de la dévotion envers la Sainte Teresa de Calcutta et aussi conserver vos souvenirs pour les générations futures.


Pourquoi aimez-vous Mère Teresa ?

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