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I admire Mother Teresa because she was brave. Sometimes women receive criticism if we are not at our homes baking cookies and cleaning the house. I like to volunteer my time in what ever activity I think is important. I always remember Mother Teresa when she said: "you will be criticized, people will tell you it is not worth it, even so, do it!" I love that. I especially remember her during the days when Peru has been devastated by an earthquake, God bless them and I hope Mother Teresa inspires everybody to donate to Peru.



I was blessed and inspired by mother Teresa's love and service for people...i am a social worker in profession and helping other people most especially the children made me feel complete and worthy...my dream is to serve vulnerable children all around the world..i know it is impossible for so many reasons...i just satisfy my self by reading mother Teresa's stories on how she fulfill her callings...and it was indeed an inspiration to me...if i will be given a chance to meet and talk to her i would thank her for the inspiration...


My family and I have been inspired by Mother Teresa's work for the poor and the needy of Calcutta as well as for the whole world. Mother Teresa has reached everyone whether poor or rich, sick and hungry and treated everyone the same. She was for everyone and she inspired even those who are not Catholics. She has done such a remarkable work in this troubled world and her example is being followed by so many of her devotees. Her mere name inspires my family and me and I wish I can follow her example one day and help the poor and the needy in whatever small way I can do and I wish people would follow Mother Teresa's teachings and doings.






When I was a Methodist studying to become a minister, I spent a summer working as a chaplain intern at a mental hospital. All summer, I devoured everything I could find on Mother Teresa, because she had it all together, and I knew I didn't. Somehow, her faith fed her works, and her works fed her faith. I knew I was missing something. Finally, towards the end of my internship, I was at Mass with my Catholic husband, and the scales fell from my eyes, and I saw Jesus himself on the altar during the Eucharistic prayer.

Oh! I wasn't missing something, I was missing SOMEONE! Jesus!

It was then and is now the pearl of great price, to receive Him just as Mother Teresa did, and to learn to pray the work.



She inspired me on the way to see things. We see Jesus anywhere. But our blindness for material things does no let us see Jesus in our brothers and sisters. There is joy helping others when we do it with our hearts, mind and soul without expecting a Big Thanks from anyone. I just do what GOD wants me to do small or big. But do it in His Name!



Mother Teresa, a beautiful face, a beautiful heart. She teaches us much love. Arohanui (Much love).







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Beaucoup ont été touchés ou ont changé grâce à Mère Teresa. Nous souhaiterions recevoir vos souvenirs personnels pour aider à la diffusion de la connaissance et de la dévotion envers la Sainte Teresa de Calcutta et aussi conserver vos souvenirs pour les générations futures.


Pourquoi aimez-vous Mère Teresa ?

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