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"La prière est le meilleur don d' amour que vous pouvez donner à quiconque vous aimez"

- Sainte Teresa de Calcutta


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Mother Theresa, Please pray for The health of Alessandra, Hugo, Natalia and Christy. And for all the people who suffer. Please pray for all the unborn babies and their mothers.


Please pray for relationship reconciliation.


Dearest St. Mother Theresa,

Your spiritual follower and admirer seek your powerful intercession for my studies. I face a serious lack of motivation in face of these crucial entrance exams. I struggle everyday with concentration and with the management of my time in putting to hard work. Coming November and December I will be giving my exams and I ask for your powerful intercession to help me work hard and do well and get a good seat in Government quota (India). In the past you have always been so prompt in hearing and answering me, please have pity upon me right now and help me achieve this success and I will honor you for it. Thank you St. Mother Theresa for your intercession together with Mary our mother. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Please pray for me & Valita and ask Our Almighty Father to help us as we are in Houston, Texas USA for a good job and pray for his protection against evil attacks and guide us in the right direction so we can live and work safely. I also pray for the Lord's grace upon us as we have given our documents for a green card to live over here and have a valid good job. I pray for my friend who came forward to help us to process for the green card as we are in doubts if he will be honest to help us, I pray and cry for God's mighty blessings upon my friend for good health and to guide him to be honest in what he has advised us to do. I pray for d lawyer, judges and higher authorities who have our documents for their good health and success & that they will process our papers as soon as possible. Pray for us and our wellbeing, financial blessings and God's mighty will upon us always and cover us with his previous blood. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.


Mother Mary thank you for all graces blessings and prayers answered, I pray for the healing of my family tree living and dead, Healing Mass 6th October, Wed., night P.G for families conversions, Fr Jacob’s health issues and Priesthood, for all the sick, for my own health in mind, body and spirit, to fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus to be His magnet and draw others to Him for healing.

love to Jesus & St Joseph.  Your loving daughter.   Rose


Please, Holy Mother, Help me find a good job, in which I can serve others through Jesus.


Every day is like a judgmental day to me. In my life, I did many mistakes (knowingly and unknowingly).

Due to those things, I came across many hurdles and sufferings in my life path.

My prayers are as follows.

Prayer 1: Self-discipline (I am not yet married. I didn’t do any mistakes. But my abusive thoughts have to be reformed.)

Prayer 2:  Health (My mother is suffering from Orthopedic disorder) (I have ulcerative colitis and Hemorrhoids – 13 years)

Prayer 3:  Marriage (My mother and me are in my family.  I am the earner.  I wish to have a good life partner.)

Prayer 4: Forgiveness against my abusive thoughts (But I am not selfish; not greedy; not harmful; not cheating personality)

Prayer 5: Please be touch with me, forever.  I have no friends.  My mother and me only. If someone hold my hands with kindness, I feel good.


I share you the urgent and shorts prayers that we have to say to God to that there is peace in all the world and there are not natural disasters in all the United States.


I received a text from Julie today asking for prayers for her family, especially her son, Josiah.  He had a major seizure while sleeping this morning and his airway was blocked.  Thankfully Julie was awake and heard him choking so she was able to turn him on his side and open his airway.  They need prayers for these seizures to stop, and Julie is requesting that no one says anything to Josiah about it.  Julie is still recovering from her heart attack, and Ron has a sore throat, so let’s lift up the whole family for complete healing!


Mother Teresa i am going through the very rough phase there is no peace kindly give me the peace just now.


Prayers please to get the job I got interviewed for 3 weeks ago and prayers that someone deserving be hired for the position I am now in after I leave for the new job. Amen. Lusanda.

Pray for Ludovico, a child very sick. For Golfredo, operation on the lungs. For Anna, a teenager that seem to be possessed: her parents are desperate. Donatella for a good job and her  sick aunties.

Thank you


Lilly has a bad infection in her right arm. She is in rehab. For maybe 2 months. Scott has major brain damage.


Aunt as is known (Arthur) is 93, he and Pauline have married for 68 years. They have a big family. Live with their daughter in Altamonte Springs, FL

He has been ill a long time. Blind and deaf and he is looking forward to meeting Jesus.

Many have prayed concerning him. Family are strong believers.


Please keep in your prayers:

The family of Mary as they grieve her passing

The family of Ed as they grieve his passing

The family of Dr. John who passed away after a battle with cancer

Tony and family grieving the passing of his dad

Connie and her family as they grieve the passing of her father John

The McFadden family while they grieve the passing of John & Colin

Terry Family as they grieve the passing of their mother.


Prayer for health in my family and peace in the world


Tomorrow is my first pregnancy blood test. Please pray we get the desired result.


Please keep our Brother, Tom OFS, and his wife Kathy in your prayers.  Tom, who is a member of Queen of Peace fraternity, is dealing with serious health issues. Also please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Toni Marie, OFS, from St. John the Evangelist fraternity. Please keep our Sister, Stella Viola, OFS, in your prayers.  Stella is a member of St. Francis Springfield fraternity and her house burnt down last week.


Please pray for relationship reconciliation on better terms in God's divine will.


I pray for the successful sales of my real estate listings. May you guide me in every real estate dealings I made and provide me with sales charisma to my buyers.


Dear Mother Teresa,

Please pray & intercede for me that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I'm very scared, anxious, and desperate & I don't want to lose hope.


Dear Mother Teresa, I pray that you intercede and touch Tony's heart. May we reconcile and be reunited in great love for each other. May we get through this difficult time and may he recognize all of the promise the future has to offer. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I love you. Amen.


Please pray for healing of keloids on my daughter's chest.


God is so good and faithful. Stephanie is going into rehab tomorrow morning, she really wants to get clean! Please pray it works well for her and for her to be totally delivered from drugs/alcohol and never return to them! PRAISE THE LORD!! Pray she gets back in church too! God bless.


Please pray for the soul of Donald F. and his family and friends.  Please also offer mass at Mother’s tomb for this intention.

Please pray for the soul of Joe, who died on August 4, 2017.  Please also pray for His family and friends.

Please remember in prayer and masses Gloria T. and her intentions.

Please pray for G. P. Houston’s grandson who has just started his university studies.


At the request of Mary J and Timothy F, please pray for the soul of Donald F. and his family and friends.  Please also offer mass at Mother’s tomb for this intention.


My name is Lorna and I need your help prayers and support for my husband Jakjeep; he’s got addicted to masturbation and likes to sleep alone in a living room .please deliver my husband from this bondage of sins please pray for him that he would put God first in everything and he would be deeply rooted by the word of God. Please pray to God for our relationship to live in a perfect unity by loving honoring and respecting and serving each other for God's glory honor and praise


Please pray for me, desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity, my body can't take it, success w/ home employment, pass my courses and work!

Deo gratias








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