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J'ai demandé à Mère Teresa de prier afin que mon cholestérol baisse.

Avec un régime il est passé de 6.54 à un cholestérol normal dans l'espace de 3 mois.

Le médecin dit que rares sont les cas qui réussissent à revenir à la normale sans médicament.

Merci Mère Teresa d'avoir intercédé auprès de Dieu.





Just wanted to let you all know that my daughter Heather delivered a beautiful 7 lb. 7 oz.21 inch long baby Jonathan on June 5 at 6:52 p.m.. Everything went very well!!! Jonathan is having a hard time learning to nurse but we are very hopeful that he will catch on soon. Thank you so much for praying for them both and for placing our petition at M. Tersa's tomb.


In regards to the prayers I asked for the teenagers who were electrocuted while getting out of the water. Our daughter told me this morning that they did not expect the M. to make it. Our son-in-law was so touched knowing that I had asked you for prayers and that the teenagers recovered so quickly. But we all know the power of prayer. Thank you so much, I pray that Our Lord Jesus be praised and glorified for having healed these children thru the intersession of Blessed Teresa. I pray that the family and friends that this will be a time of grace for all of them. We will continue to pray for all of you, that Jesus will continue to bless all His children through the work you are doing. In Jesus Name



Words almost fail when I attempt to write this story. I love Mother Teresa; she was one of the holy intercessors who saved my father's life. Mother Teresa had already passed away when this, what I believe was a miracle, happened. My father, who was 72 at the time, had a very difficult life. One of his difficulties had been a battle with heart disease most of his adult life. He had three heart attacks, an aneurysm, six bypass surgeries, and several other medical issues. He had his worst heart attack just a year before he died. He had been on full life-support, and my family and I kept vigil by his side as the doctors worked with him over about nine days. During that time, I would visit the hospital chapel daily to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I also prayed this over my father's body as he was on life support. He was not conscious, but I continued the prayer and talking to him as well. Although the doctors and nurses gave him the best care possible, they expressed to us that it was very unlikely he would live. They had us make time to say our goodbyes. While praying by his side one day, I was stricken with a sort of vision, although my eyes were closed. It was as if the room had been drawn in a vivid bright blue. I felt an incredible feeling of peace and knew that my father would recover. I kept that to myself because although I knew it was real, I worried about how it would sound to others. The feeling of peace stayed with me. At one point, I was in a waiting room, resting my eyes, and I saw what appeared to be Mother Teresa's veil in that same blue light. I became aware it was Mother Teresa. I was felt a certainty that it was her and that she had helped my father. He went on to recover, and we enjoyed a little over a year together where he seemed to feel good many days at a time. We even went fishing. It was a gift of healing for my father and for those of us who loved him.


Mother Teresa came to his aid even though he wasn't Catholic. He wasn't a religious person either. But Mother saw his need and helped simply because I asked.


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Beaucoup ont été touchés ou ont changé grâce à Mère Teresa. Nous souhaiterions recevoir vos souvenirs personnels pour aider à la diffusion de la connaissance et de la dévotion envers la Sainte Teresa de Calcutta et aussi conserver vos souvenirs pour les générations futures.


Faveurs ou miracles reçus avec Mère Teresa

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