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In February 2004 my wife and I were on a domestic adoption list when we were told about a child who needed a home. Our family took him into our hearts right then. We began praying for him. Our other three children could not wait to bring him home. In September, that finally happened and we all traveled to pick him up. We baptized him a week later. For six months we taught him to walk, run, jump, smile and laugh. He had basically lived in a crib for the first 18 months of his life. We were thankful for every hurdle that he crossed. In March 2005 he fell and hit his head. He didn't cry even though it was a hard fall. We watched him and he was fine. My wife noticed a soft spot on his head where he had fallen. That evening his finger was shut in the door. He did not cry but his finger began to swell. My wife called our pediatrician, and told him about the head and the finger. He was more concerned with the soft spot on Jacob's head and we were told to go to the emergency room. While our son was in the emergency room he was very active. The ER doctor joked about how active he was. The doctor ordered a CT scan. When the results came in to the ER, the doctor immediately put my son's neck in traction and began to bombard my wife with questions. It was explained to us that he had a fractured C-1 vertebrae. The ER doctor told us he did not know how my son was walking or breathing on his own. We were so confused. We did not understand what this meant. The doctor tried to put it in perspective for us by explaining that Christopher Reeves had a fractured C-1. That was how dangerous his condition was, and that was why all of our doctors were so concerned. My son was admitted into the hospital's ICU unit, and we were told that we should be preparing for some type of surgery in the very near future. The soft spot on his head and the swollen finger turned out to be nothing of concern. We were confused and shocked. We began praying that God would take care of our sweet little boy. The next day we met the neurosurgeon who ordered a new set of CT scans and an MRI. He wanted to determine how old the fracture was and determine if it was stable. My son was becoming accustomed to these tests and his neck brace, which he called his hat. The doctor told us that he felt that the C-1 was stable for the time being and that it was either something he was born with or had happened when he was very young. He released my son from the hospital with the neck brace. In the meantime, he wanted to consult with other neurosurgeons. He told us he had never seen a fractured C-1 without neurological symptoms. He advised us to keep him under control. For six months we had been doing everything in our power to bring this child developmentally to where an average two year old would be. In working with him we have been amazed at his accomplishments. These accomplishments were not without bumps and bruises. What we were being told is that these accomplishments were a miracle. If this bone moved slightly toward the spinal cord he could instantly be a paraplegic or quadriplegic. My wife and I came home numb. I began praying to Saint Therese, the little flower. We had just gone to see the movie made about her. I selfishly wanted a miracle and had read about people who had been healed by her intercession. The days were passing and we had not heard anything from the doctor. I have to admit that when I was praying to St. Therese my mind kept thinking of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. I have always had a deep admiration for her and frequently read about her. I have a quote of hers on my computer and try to live by her words. Do small things with great love. It's not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing; and it is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving. To God nothing is small: the moment we have given it to God it is infinite. I did a search for Blessed Teresa of Calcutta on my computer and read something about her love for the little orphans of Calcutta. I told my wife then that I had felt drawn to Blessed Mother Teresa and that I wanted us to start seriously asking her for an intercession on our son’s behalf. I put a picture of Blessed Mother Teresa in our bedroom so that it is the first thing we see in the morning and last thing we see before going to bed at night. I was at work the next day and I was saying a prayer to Blessed Teresa and I felt as though a voice was speaking to me saying, "Be specific in what you are asking for." I began writing out a prayer which is inserted here. Blessed Teresa who touched the lives of so many little children, please pray to our dear Lord and Savior Jesus for the healing of my son’s c-1 ring. We know you must have many people who need your prayers and we are willing to accept the will of God the father, His son Jesus and the most Holy Spirit. Thank you for your intercession of our need. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be I made a copy of the prayer with the inserted photo, and my wife and I began praying it. On March 16th I found a nine day novena to Blessed Mother Teresa. We began the novena on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, and it ended on March 25th, Good Friday. Each morning we would say our prayers and light a candle for Jacob. We scheduled an appointment with a pediatric C-1 specialist. He wanted to do another CT scan and another extensive flexion extension exam, which looks at the C-1 while the head is being moved at different angles. For this set of scan's, I blessed my son’s neck with holy water while asking Blessed Mother Teresa to intercede on his behalf. My wife and I both made comments that we felt like our son had been healed and the scans would reveal that to everyone. We requested copies of these tests for the neurosurgeon. We met with him on Thursday April 7. He walked in the room and asked us what had happened at the last clinic. We told him we did not have any results from there, only the scans that we had brought for him to review. The doctor told us he had reviewed the scans and he told us the c-1 was no longer displaced. The bone had actually moved. He brought us into his office and showed us the scan of the C-1. A normal C-1 looks oval in shape. My son's C-1 had been half oval (C shaped) and half v-shaped (at a 45 degree angle) resting closely to the spinal cord. On this Thursday we were looking at an almost perfect oval shaped C-1. The doctor said it was slightly displaced, not unlike 10% of the population. He said he had no explanation for these results since we had done nothing thus far to correct it. I asked him if he believed the explanation could be prayer. I would love to quote his answer but I will put it as closely as my wife and I recall together. He said, "I am a surgeon. I was looking at a surgical solution to all of this. Surgically, I could not ask for better results than what I am looking at on these scans." He said in looking at the latest scans that he would not put any limitations on our son. We are to treat him like a healthy two year old. In our hearts we know Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta intervened on behalf of our son. We have once again begun the nine day novena in thanksgiving to Blessed Mother Teresa. I have read a little about the process that is involved in having Blessed Teresa canonized a saint. I am sending you this letter in order that you may have this information about what we are convinced is a miracle healing of our son. If it can be of any use to you, or the cause of Blessed Teresa, I felt it was with a sincere heart that I should pass our story along to you. Thank you





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