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Mother Teresa


A flower bloomed, a star shone on an Albanian family in Yugoslavia.

On August 26 1910, When Christ was reborn then.

Christ born in the form of young girl, Agnes

Soon chosen to be Mother, a Universal symbol of love and self sacrifice.


Soon young Agnes became a Mother,as Mother Teresa

As a mother to the millions of orphans and neglected.

As real incarnation on CHRIST we saw Thou Mother Teresa.



At early age of 18, the best part of teen.

When teenage switched to life of styles and fashion,

Thou chose love, affection and compassion.

Thou chose to be a nun,and ended all thy fun.

Thou left thy own country and came to Calcutta,

To work for thousands who are carefree.

When the lepers,orphans, sick and needy cried about their plight,

Thou, an Angel,dawned on them a divine light.

Thou left thy home, to give uncared a HOME.

Thou have been a Mother to Orphans.

Thou hath been a God to the sick.

Thou hath given light of divinity to the people who were in the dark,

Of who’s cries people never barked.

Admist all the injury & suffering & dust, Thou touched and healed them.

Without a slight feeling of disgust.

When we in India considered our brothers as Untouchability,

And burderned on them with humility.

From nowhere where in sight Like Jesus Christ

Thou came and taught us humanity.

We now realized our folly,

And we considered thee as a living kali(hindu god)

For thine services of selflessness, Thou hath received many International awards.

Which for thee were unwanted and unexpected.

But these high and prestigious awards did not reduce thine love and affection

For the uncared and neglected.

Thou remained and chose to live with the poorest of poor

And among thr people who were Struck by deadly and  uncurable diseases.

Just as how Ocean cannot be brought in a glass

Thine enormous and great selfless services of love is very vast like Ocean.

To be put in small words

MOTHER ! Thou have been the greatest and best Epitome

Of love and self sacrifice.



Mother, One day everyone has to die

And nobody can question the nature why?

Even the great god of death.

When He gave thee his first call , in form of a heart attack

And when we saw that there are many in the world

Drenched in the cold,to be given warmth by divine You

And many millions in different queues,to be touched by divine You

On thine divine leg,did he fall

And returned home leaving thee back.

To take thee back many a times, He hesitated

When he saw thine selfless service to the poor and neglected.


Finally on September 5th

The Christ himself,hath taken thee quietly

The way He gave thee.

The Creator has been so mean

In taking a divine thee back

In such a condition,When a Good Human among us lack.

On September 5th 1997 , When India celebrated Teachers day

The Creator has taken away a great Teacher.

A Teacher of Love, Compassion and Dignity

And who taughts this to souls of the world




In thine last journey when you went

From the world outer and outer

In our souls thee went inner and inner

There was not a soul untouched by thou

When you came out of church of St.Thomas

Thou filled pain and sorrow in us.

While passing throuh Park street and Middleton Row

The whole of Nation was filled with sorrow

Even the active crow,filled with sorrow failed to crow

Even the bright sun was dull from morn.

On the way to thine HOME

The sky expressed his sorrow by crying in the form of drizzling.

As thou passed,the heads bent down

The guns went down.

And there was quietness everywhere

Oh Mother , WE MISS YOU

Just as thou came from nowhere in sight

Quietly thou rose up

And attained the lotus feet of Christ.




Mother, I had not known about thee till my 2nd standard.

I had not see thee till my 5th standard.

Now when I learnt fully abou thee, Thou are now nowhere.

When many people saw the neglected and sympathized ,

On love compassion and affection You emphasized.

Mother, Today I feel why I wasn’t a leper

To be touched and fed by thine divine lotus hand.

Today I felt why I was not a VIP

So that I could talk and touch thine divine feet.

Even the most unfourtunate

Had the chance of seeing thine divine eyes

And be touched by thine divine hands.

In the every line of thine divine wrinkle

Mother, I could see thine divine selfless services

In thy eyes of divine twinkle,

I could see love & compassion which never ceases.

And in that divine smile

Thou throw one to heaven above miles.

In my sight,

Mother, I could see thee

As a divine messenger of love of Christ.

Thine words of love,

Thine principles of adoption to abortion

Thine seeing Jesus in anything and everything

Thine ultimate faith in God

Which people do when in the times of hard

Make thou hold a special place in my soul and in others.

Mother, On thou attaining heaven

This little heart who used to cry for silly things

Cries today for losing  a real essential thing.

These tears are real ones with real gratitude and sorrow.


Mother , with a heavy heart

Shaky hand and drenched eyes

About thou, I write this woeful poem

To show my real love for thee.

Mother, thou preferred to be in a world of poorest of poor,

But now, the world has become poorer without thee.

Mother , I wish to write about thee more

But, tears blind me and words daunt me.

Mountains may turn in lands Or lands may turn into mountains.

But till the earth explodes ,taking away thine name

Is something which nobody can.

For generations to come, Thou will be the greatest epitome

Of life after death.

Mother, thine message of love & Compassion & selflessness

Will be in my heart. and I promise to keep till I rot.

Mother , I would like to end with a message


And thou hath been an epitome of it.

Mother, I LOVE YOU and I need you

Mother, We Love You and We need You.

By Naresh S. Chennai – India. 





Mother Teresa – Queen of the Poor

On an ordinary day to this selfish world

A messenger was sent by almighty God

A miracle it was that people witnessed,

Which of late has just vanished.

The birth of an ordinary human being

Who lived for others’ well being.


But, Was she just an ordinary person?

She - who had the courage to teach the whole world a lesson on compassion?

How easily she gave up her enriching career

To do the work of a selfless server (missionary)

The mission she took up after hearing Jesus’s call

A call which is not responded to, by one and all.


The task she chose was not a lucrative option,

But she did it with utmost gratification

The hungry people she fed

The sick ones, she cared and looked after

Those with various diseases, she tried to heal

All those who were unclean, she cleansed

To the home-less and hopeless she gave shelter and hope.


All these works are so easy writing

But aren’t they intricate in performing

What was it that prompted her to do all these things?

Forgetting all her personal desires for perhaps such least important things

She saw Jesus in all those people

Who were down with some or the other trouble.


For all her valuable service to humanity,

She was given awards and rewards from a world-wide community.

But all these awards and rewards

She has used for the lepers, sick and the destitute


A woman, was she or an angel?

Living a life of sacrifice

She always stood by the poor, needy and those who suffer in pain

Certainly not for any personal gain

Perhaps, by her birth heaven had become poorer

And earth had become richer

Indeed, by her death earth has become poorer

And heaven richer.


She was truly a living saint

Whose words and acts in reality make one faint.

Will a miracle take place again?

Will a Mother Teresa come again?

By Mr. Tartius Pattankatty. 


My Journey With Mother Teresa                                                                    
Mother Teresa
opened my heart
to God Most High

With golden wings
upon my feet
i sailed thru the sky
following a saint
wherever she did lead

Mother Teresa
cradled the poor
on earths shores
helping them
die with great dignity

When no screams
echo in the night
from babies
dying of
hunger and fright
my journey
will be through

Mother Teresa
opened my heart
to God Most High

A blazing flame
of divine love was she
the saint who lived and died
for the poorest of the poor

By Judy Joy Jones





Mother Teresas Heartbeats

Mother Teresas heartbeats
were those of the poorest of the poor
all over earths shores

In her arms
she held close
the souls the world threw out
knowing it was love from Jesus
she gave out

For those with no home
when the darkest nights
blocked Gods divine light

Mother Teresa was there
bending over the beds
of the dying poor

She is spending her heaven
doing good on earth
as she so often said

And her radiant light
is so bright
it dries all tears
and takes away fears
of those forgotten
and alone

Mother Teresas heartbeats
were those of the poorest of the poor
all over earths shores

And from inside heavens doors
she prays night and day
to dry the tears of the homeless
through the hearts and arms
of you and I

By Judy Joy Jones 2013


Tribute To Blessed Mother Teresa                                                                   
 The blessed of the Missionaries of Charity,
An excellent example of love and charity,
To you, let me pay my tribute, humble,
For your many a blessing innumerable,

To one and all you were, indeed, a mother,
Your life has always been for the other,
The least, the lost and the poorest of the poor,
You were in Spirit poor; in word and deed, pure

Fragrance of Christ all around you did spread
To the hungry, you did give food and bread,
To the homeless, you did give home and bed,
For God’s glory great, all you did and said,

With a prayerful heart you did stand for,
The unwanted, the unloved and the uncared for,
You did consider the poor as your own,
For them many a project you did carry on,

We all thank Thee, Jesus Christ our Lord
For this precious gem for our motherland,
To the last and great mandate of Christ,
You did give priority first and foremost,

Honour and glory, in fact, you did bring,
To our Lord, Jesus, and your praise I sing
Charm and grace you did add to your office
You did share our Lord Jesus’ peace and grace.

By Georgy




Mother Teresa is leading me on                                                                   
Mother Teresa is leading me onward
straight into heavens doors
my soul doth fly
Her spirit ignites
the divine in me
filling my heart with song
all day long
Mother Teresa is leading me onward
leading me on
helping me choose the light
She inspires me
to help those in need
and offer myself completely
to wherever god doth lead
Mother Teresa is leading me onward
leading me on
no longer do i need
the worlds fleeting light
Her tender works of mercy
for the poorest of the poor
are with me forever more
Mother Teresa is leading me onward
leading me on
my heart is on fire
She has ignited the flame
of the most sacred and divine
hidden deep inside
a wretched soul
such as I
Mother Teresa is leading me onward
leading me on
towards heavens doors
filling me with song

By: Miss. Judy Joy Jones





Mother Teresa-The Missionary of charity
In Calcutta,India she would dwell
Serving with love,devotion and humility
The battered and broken God's love to tell.

Receiving the call within a call
To serve the poorest of the poor
Through Jesus Christ Her all in all
Her Saviour she would only live for.

Robed in safari white and blue
Brought joy to many by her radiant smile
Graciously like the morning dew
She gave them succour in their weary miles.

She brought hope to the lepers, the dying
Comforting them and dispensing good medicine
Clothing the naked; the hungry feeding
Helping the destitutes by providence divine.

A tender heart of caring and sharing
Possessed this Catholic Nun loved by many
Who went in 1997 to be with the Lord rejoicing
Leaving for the world a wonderful legacy.

by-Benjamin Anabaraonye © 2012 Benjamin Anabaraonye



Beloved Mother:
How beautiful you were
with your wrinkled face;
your body, tired, worn out, yet,
radiant and full of our Lord’s Spirit.
Your soft wrinkled hands soothed
all the ugly pains of those you touched.
Your smile, your embrace, was worth
more than all the richness
the universe might hold.

In your simple, yet, magnificent ways,
you were the grandest of the grand, yet,
you were the humblest of the humble.
You stood firm and did not waiver
when it came to Your (His) beliefs,
Your (His) principles.

Like any mother,
you chastised with words of love;
like Christ, you gave infinite love.
Your humanity felt the pain:
you knew it was wrong
to overlook the needy;
you did not wait for them to come
to you; you got your hands dirty
there and then; you overcame your fears.

Mother, why do our fears alienate us
and keep us from ‘walking the walk’?
You lived in reality like Jesus,
and true luminaries.
You taught by example;
you did not need the gargantuous
temples of concrete or glass.
Your voice was soft thunder that
only a few have herd, understand, follow.

How wonderful it is to discern
what a real angel would look like.
You lived your life
like the truest of worriers,
a warrioress for peace and,
for the only true thing that matters,

From your Beloved,
you learned what had to be done;
from your loved ones, you learned
how to live an exemplary life.
Thank you, dear Mother
for having accepted
the burdensome task
of truly being the light in my darkness.
My only desire is that you
will not be forgotten
through our daily deeds.




You know the secret of love, help me know it
You know how to love, help me live it
You know the pain of love, help me embrace it
You know the rejection of love, help me preserve it
You know the trials of love, help me endure it
You know the joy of love, help me radiate it
You know the sweetness of love, help me savor it
You know the wildness of love, help me imitate it.
You know the silence of love, help me value it
You know the victim hood of love; help me be a holocaust of love
You know the victory of love; help me burn that I may
Join in your triumph of love!




inspired by the life of Mother Teresa
- Kynaat Awan, India

I am a Muslim student studying journalism. I have been inspired by the life of Mother Teresa and her words and work have touched my heart. I believe that she is a great inspiration for all no matter what they believe and her love and dedication of the poor and needy has sent echoes round the world. She has inspired me to become a better person and to give my love to others, because we never truly know what the price of a smile can mean to another.

Along the dusty roads of Calcutta
With its soaring heat and dense rainfall
A woman stood amidst this plain
With an intention of bringing love to all

She judged not those she saw
She claimed that there was Jesus in them all
She said she could solve the paradox of love
Because if you love till it hurts there can only be love

She gave comfort to the beggars
And smiled sweetly at the lepers
She let none come towards her without feeling better
Because the remedy for all illnesses is loving each other

Righteousness beamed on the lines of her face
She tried to chase away the pains of loneliness
She knew that we could not all do great things
But we could do small things with great love

In the silence of the night she'd kneel and pray
In the silence of the heart she would feel God speak
She realised that she herself was really nothing
But through the nothingness she felt the fulfillment of God's presence

She claimed that God never gave her anything that she could not handle
She just wished he didn't trust her so much
But due to that trust she helped many lost souls
whose lives have been now filled with His love

God was her biggest inspiration
She acted as his transmitter of love
“I am nothing but a pencil in God's hand
Who is sending his love letter to the world.”

Her life now acts as an inspiration for those who want to do good
The intention has to be right for it they say
Remember however that God doesn't require that we succeed
Rather he requires that we should all try

We should start by helping those closest to us
It isn't numbers that really matter
But rather it is speaking a kind word to someone who's lost all hope
Because it is the simple acts of kindness that are really remembered

“At the end of the day God will not ask us
How many good things you did
But rather he will ask how much love
did we put into what we did?”

Kynaat Awan



Hatred clouded her
Upon her faith--
Mouthed like fire;
Suffered for faith!
Kind, her heart--
lived like saints:
Mother Teresa's heart
Housed merciful mint.
Teresa, agony mother,
Consoled pained hearts--
Gutters Saint's order
Remembered hapless arts.
Teresa, holy mother
Vesselled love interest,
In opposition order,
Sought poor's rest.
Nobel Peace laureate,
Canonised on earth,
In holy state:She entered earth

by-Wale Ajakaye © 2011 Wale Ajakaye



Mother Teresa
Agnes Gonxha Rojaxhiu

She "did ordinary things
with extraordinary love"
caring for the poorest of the poor
without recognition
with so much love
that she seemed divine,
but she was only a woman
who did things that no one else did,
but anyone could have done.
Her unparalleled compassion,
could give the world two lifetimes
She answered the call within the call
of service to those in need,
because they are god on earth
she has done God's work,
but went beyond his expectations
doing more than anyone could
more than anyone would.

Came the day we never wanted,
but knew would come
the Mother of Calcutta
an inspiration to all the world,
now oversees the work from heaven above,
where none of us are,
but where someday we all could be.
She was the evidence,
for the existence of God
was given a national funeral,
interpreted into multi-languages:
connecting all nations.
Doves mark the way
for a mission of charity
doing "extraordinary things
with an ordinary life
with a heart bigger than the world."
She was only a woman
doing things we all can do,
but choose not to.

by-Scott Szabo Allendale, Michigan© 2011 --Scott Szabo Allendale, Michigan


Mother Teresa

She didn't have a Dior dress and she looked rather plain
In her coarse blue bordered sari which she wore time and again
She didn't have a Gucci bag to keep all her belongings
All she had was in her heart as she had no worldly things

She didn't have Chanel shoes to move from place to place
For on the roads of dirt and death, there was no need for fancy lace
She didn't have a figure of any supermodel that I knew
And was frail and thin and tiny, you could call her diminutive too

She's never been on cruise ships or holidayed in France
For all her life she struggled to give the poor another chance
She's never tasted Caviar or sipped an Emma Peel
But she never missed a chance to pray and said it didn't hurt to kneel

She didn't sport a Rolex watch to check the hour of day
From morn to night she cared about the ones who had no say
Cartier diamonds weren't her choice when it came to jewellery
Though she strongly advocated the power of the Rosary

Unlike our politicians who're all for power and fame
This Angel from Albania cared for lepers and the lame
She didn't waste time on lofty words and tried to do her best
To nurse the sick and tired while God put her to the test

To the dying in Calcutta, her touch just meant the world
And to the destitute who had no hope, her love she had unfurled
To the wounded in Vietnam who simply lost all hope
Mother Teresa's warm embrace meant that they would learn to cope

To the starving in Ethiopia who'd soon be vultures prey
She begged the world to do something, much to her dismay
To those orphaned in Ireland who had lost their near and dear
The Mother gave them faith to live and told them not to live with fear

To the handicapped in Aussie who had stumps instead of feet
Her compassion reassured them and helped them make ends meet
To the lonely and unwanted whose hearts just seemed to ache
She treated them with dignity so their lives they wouldn’t take

With gentle words of comfort and eyes so filled with pain
She worked in slums and footpaths that politicians would disdain
While some would shrink in horror at the sight of maggot ridden folk
She cleaned their wounds and nursed them, and her love in them would soak

With boundless faith and courage and a spirit that was strong
She changed the lives of many, while she taught them right from wrong
A statue in her name, was the last thing that she sought
For Saint Teresa of Calcutta was one who couldn't be bought.

By Anita Britto, Auckland © 2011 Anita Britto

Mother TeresaShe knew the world was stained
She knew right from wrong
A novice nun in Calcutta
She knew her task was long
For there she met her demons
& there she would meet her end
This dedicated lady became Calcutta’s friendShe pampered heads of state
With a begging bowl,
Film stars & rock guitars
& personalities she told
Part with some of your wealth
& this you will see,
It will build another house
For the Good Lord’s Family.She held a child up high
& whispered in its ear
I have been sent by our Father
So you child, have no fear
For I will make your home
Among what you have known
& I will hold you in my arms
Till you have fully grownTeresa, your soul was carved out of a rose
Your loving eyes shined like diamonds
And your heart you did expose
You captured all those that was crying
Your arms they did enfold
For you wrapped them around the poor
& Teresa you alone gave them hope.

Major 010 ©

Saint of the gutters 
Companion of all 
Teresa so little 
Standing so tall
Sister of mercy 
In a border of blue 
Crown of Calcutta 
So faithful and true
You cared, reaching down 
Opening your door 
Serving the strangers 
Helping the poor
You looked in their eyes 
Praying, Father above 
And saw the Lord Jesus 
In faces of love
O mother of many 
O sister so small 
O saint of salvation 
Who answered God’s call
We love you and miss you 
And long for the day 
When we will be with you 
In Heaven we pray

By Rev. Richard D. Vestnys, D.D. © 2010 Rev. Richard D. Vestnys, D.D.

Mother TeresaShort in stature, big heart
To write at tribute, where do I start

You gave your time, so selflessly
An inspiration to all, globally

A mother to many
Known for good deeds, and charity

Nobel prize winner in 1979
I hope she will be remembered till the end of time

Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu of Albanian decent
Culcutta, was where her time was spent

An angel on earth, her soul was so pure
She proved one person can make a difference, for sure

By Leandra Gebrakedan © 2010 Leandra Gebrakedan ***********************************AN AWESOME LADY – MOTHER TERESA O! What a wonder you are Mother Teresa
For having destined your heart to serve
From farthest lands you travelled thus far
To redeem the abandoned strewn hereYou are indeed a celestial being
Chosen by God in His dream
He sent you to reach the poorest heart
To treasure their pain with barriers apartYou spotted every soul
That was shattered in this world
Nowhere to go; no one to love
But shouldered in life, they knelt belowYou lifted them up at their timely hour
And deepened their hope that God was there
Embalming their journey with peace so fair
You completed their agony with your loving care.Mother Teresa – You are a real beauty in ashes!

Tara Prakash
Parishioner- Sacred Heart Church, Bangalore, India

I feel her hyaline influx
in my deep love leaps
from the soul with subtle glows
her breath runs through my veins:
this vassal of the flesh blushes
as I drink the infinite in her
Love is efflux
from her body spreading
all round the parabolic hue
enlightens the self
my being I merge
in her glowing presenceHER HOLY SCENT
As I repose
in the wrinkles
of her face
I feel her crimson
glow in my eyes
her holy scent
grows inside
a sea of peace
in the mindIN MY DEEP
The room has her
presence every minute
I feel she speaks
in my deep
I can't know her
for the body, skin, or curve:
the perfume cheats
like the sacred hymns chanted
in hope, and there's no answer

-- Ram Krishna Singh*************************************


Touch me, Teresa,
Humane, touch me!
Care Mother Teresa;
Turn to me!
I am pained,
Anxiety torments me--
Humane, am nailed;
Sufering drives me.
Save me, Teresa
Through your kindness
In Holy Teresa
Life worths excess.
Brightness is vague
In hapless strife:
Stop my plague
through your belief.
Peace in you
Brings human tranquility, Pained hearts woo
Your benevolent quality!

by-Wale Ajakaye © 2011 Wale Ajakaye


Mother Teresa Center
524 West Calle Primera,
Suite #1005N
San Ysidro, CA 92173