Holy Father Benedict XVI's. Message for the Centenary celebrations of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Birth 2010


Sr.M. Prema M.C. Message for the Centenary celebrations of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Birth August 2010


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Centenary of Mother Teresa's Birth 26th August 2010-26th August 2011


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New Delhi, Aug 27 : Two coins will be released Saturday to mark the birth centenary of Mother Teresa. 
Kolkata: Hundreds of nuns, bishops and volunteers attended a Mass on Thursday marking the 100th 
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NEW HAVEN — There was a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday,” the unveiling of a postage stamp and, of course, a birthday cake topped by 100 candles.
Mother Teresa's 100th birthday celebrated at New Bedford church she visited in 1995 
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Stamp, exhibit mark 100th birthday of Mother Teresa

Cas100826 08/26/10 New Haven- Acting New Haven Postmaster, Thomas Sullivan and Sister Regis Devasia of the Missionaries of Charity (Out of Bridgeport) unveil the new Mother Teresa postage stamp during a ceremony at the Knights of Columbus Museum. Photos -Peter Casolino/New Haven Register

NEW HAVEN — There was a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday,” the unveiling of a postage stamp and, of course, a birthday cake topped by 100 candles.

It was a grand celebration for the late Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize winner and lover of the poor.

The party Thursday at the Knights of Columbus Museum was fitting, since the museum is showing an exhibit of Mother Teresa’s life and work. Jack O’Reilly, former supreme treasurer of the Knights, announced that the exhibit, originally scheduled to end in October, will be extended until April 2, 2011.

“There are few whose names command the same respect and admiration in the last century that this devout intrepid nun who chose to dwell and to work in the slums of India serving the outcast and the needy,” O’Reilly said.

“She sought of course to bring them solace and relief from all of their wants and physical sufferings, but her chief ambition was to give them love, acceptance and a rightful sense of human dignity and worth.”

Several sisters from the Missionaries of Charity convent in Bridgeport were at the party, helping the children in attendance to blow out all those candles.

The sisters also were excited about the commemorative stamp that will be issued Sept. 5. Thomas Sullivan, acting postmaster of the New Haven post office, unveiled the stamp, which features a portrait painted by Thomas Blackshear II of Colorado Springs, Colo.

Sister Franslily Cordoba said the sisters plan to stock up on the stamps “to send to our families (so) that they keep it as a remembrance. So many people are asking for the stamp.”

Carmel Ferraro of Hamden came to the museum to celebrate the life of the sister who was born in Macedonia 100 years ago Thursday and started her mission in Calcutta in 1950.

“It’s just amazing that Mother Teresa made such an impression on the entire world. She must be enjoying everything up there with him,” she said, referring to God.

Her friend, Audrey Langella of Hamden, said, “I would just like to say happy birthday to Mother Teresa on her 100th birthday, and all of the Lord’s blessings we know are with her in heaven, and we will see her again one day.”
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A child touches a bust of Mother Teresa during a function to mark the birth centenary of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, in Ahmadabad, India, Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010. Special feasts to feed the poor, a festival of films on her life and work, the launch of a new train called the Mother Express, and interfaith prayer meetings were among events planned to mark the yearlong anniversary. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

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