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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

Have your petition(s) placed on Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta

Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Have your petition(s) included in the daily prayers of the Missionaries of Charity and all those throughout the world seeking Blessed Teresa’s intercession. A special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Motherhouse in Calcutta. Your petition(s) will also be placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa.

NOTE: The prayer request will be posted here anonymously unless you request them to remail confidential. If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail. Thank you


Please pray for me to be patient with myself and for me not to think ahead and start panicking about the future. Please pray for my health. The doctors found I have an enlarged thyroid and another condition that creates a hormonal imbalance...both contributing to debilitating chronic fatigue. I'm only 26. Francesca

Firstly love in God & Jesus to you mother. My request is that you pray for Bradley & Olivia to remain happy together forever and that no negative obstacles or people come in the way. Please take away all the pain and hurt in our hearts and the hurt that my words which have caused pain for Olivia. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding, trust and forgiveness. I pray that God helps us to come closer and closer together and our love for each other grows stronger every day. Please make sure that no one interferes with our happiness. Pray that she overcomes obstacles so that she can be in a longing, lasting and loving relationship with me forever. Pray that our love for each other is protected forever. Bless Olivia and Bradley, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other's worth. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Please also pray Olivia and her life and career that she achieves what she wants and that they don't cause her stress and that she doesn't take out her stresses on me. Please make sure her uncertainty doesn't get in the way. Pray that she isn't afraid of her feelings for me, pray that she thinks about me more and more every day and falls more in love with me. Pray that she does not get influenced or manipulated by her friends or any other previous relationships. Pray that our strong love for each other will grow stronger and stronger leading to commitments such as marriage and children between the two of us. Pray that we have peace, joy, happiness, goodness, healing of health, righteousness and that we remain together forever. God who is in heaven knows every needy things, so pray for us. Amen

I have recently met this man who seems to be a good guy and is a good match for me. As I've had a bad experience previously I'm a bit apprehensive I need your prayers to make the right decision. I need your prayers and hope to take the right decision something. I also pray that he too makes the right decision. I surrender my will in God's hands for he knows what’s best for me. Kind Regards, D

Please pray for my sister, Pat who is on oxygen 24/7 and is suffering with pulmonary fibrosis. Thank you, S

Please pray to bring her home safe. Jenna, age 11, has Asperger's Syndrome and was last seen at her home at 9 pm yesterday. Florida.

and I share you the urgent and shorts prayers that we have to say to God to that there is peace in all the world and there are not natural disasters in all the United States, that are according with the Bible: Oh Jesus Christ we ask you in your name and invoking the name of Jesus that there is no wars in the world, neither bombardments, neither earthquakes, neither tremors, neither natural disasters in all the world specially in the United States. Amén.


Hi I need you to tell everyone you know to pray that Eric will not marry an insane woman named Juli . He is only 24 was homeless after he grew up in foster care. He had a schizophrenic mom so he went to foster care at the age of 4. Because he grew up with abuse he thinks he is normal. He is graduating from navy to be an aircraft mechanic. Before he left, he told me this woman hit, bent his fingers, scratched him and threatened to throw his clothes out. She also said that she could call the police and they would believe him because he is black and she is white. He is planning to marry her at the end of this month. This makes me so sad. I have been mentoring him 4 years because of prayers God healed his heart problem too. This woman also controlled his phone calls so she was even jealous of me. I begged him to see a Navy chaplain for advice. Please pray he does and does not marry this woman. She could ruin his career. He is a very good person. I feel she is dangerous. He plans to come back from Florida where he is going to school for two days to marry her. God bless you. I

I humbly beg you to pray for my Beloved Sujatha and Myself to have a good relationship. Please pray that we may be one in heart mind and soul. I humbly beg you all Please support us please. Yours in Christ S

Prayer for our Fr. John, for a fast healing of the fractures so he can get back on the "job"!.






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Many lives have been touched or changed by Mother Teresa. We are interested in receiving your personal recollections to help spread knowledge and devotion to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and to record your memory for future generations.  


Share a personal experience you had with Mother Teresa.


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Report any favors or miracles received through the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.


NOTE: What ever you write may be published (subject to editing) by the MTC.
If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail.









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