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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

Have your petition(s) placed on Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta

Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Intentions to pray for

Prayer Requesting Blessed Teresa’s Intercession
Submit your petition. Write to: prayer@motherteresa.org

Have your petition(s) included in the daily prayers of the Missionaries of Charity and all those throughout the world seeking Blessed Teresa’s intercession. A special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Motherhouse in Calcutta. Your petition(s) will also be placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa.

NOTE: The prayer request will be posted here anonymously unless you request them to remail confidential. If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail. Thank you


Dear Blessed Mother Teresa, Please hear my petitions: • Return to the Sacraments/Church: my family, friends and relatives, i.e. Lucinda, Frank, Bill, Mamie, Brenda, Elaine, Marnie, Barbara, James, her children, Louiselle, Frank • • Intentions of the Holy Father • • In Thanksgiving and Gratitude for the wonderful cancer cure information I am getting • In Thanksgiving for my caring husband, friends and relatives and all their prayers • More vocations for priests/religious in Canada • All the people I said that I would pray for

All the people who said they would pray for me • Adele’s, Kay’s, Marisa’s, Frances’, Sharon’s, Anne’s, Eva’s, Branka’s, Ante’s, plus all my friend’s intentions • For my cancer to be gone completely

Michael to get the job that is pleasing to God (for His Honour and Glory) • To do Your Holy Will (whatever the outcome) • Whatever needs for my dad • For me to pray more With all my Love & Gratitude!

Lucinda and Michael to meet someone that God would be pleased with (for marriage) • SFX Prayer Network names recommended • Family, friends and relatives who are sick, i.e. Aunt Marina, Felice, Cathy, Lil, Chuck, please heal them • To make wise decisions re: cancer and a cure • To return to work at the parish office soon • World and Family Peace

Reconciliation with Barbara and Christine and anyone else I am not aware of • Eshan to be cured completely from his car accident

!! Please pray especially for my daughter and her job intentions. She is especially tense and needs to trust in His plan for her. Also, my brother who is doing well so far with his chemo treatments for breast cancer.

please pray for my sons Aidan and Bryan Mahoney. please pray for myself, and my family.  Prayer for our family 

My sons, that they would no longer feel spiritual poverty. I am very grateful for my relationship with God, and our Mother Mary. We have had such a difficult time with finances. I am starting a new small business that I very very much enjoy. It will be joyful work for me, which brings joy to all I meet. My sons have lost much in their young lives. They need men who are strong, have integrity, and courage to mentor them in their lives. I have prayed very very hard this year. I don't know what else to do. I have always loved Mother Teresa, I look up to her as a hero. 

please pray for my intentions: in gratitude for prayers. and please continue to pray for my family, my husbands healing from addiction, our court date Sept. 12, and for my anxiety. and for my anxiety at my job. please God. Give me the grace to sleep at night-- to trust and to sleep through the night - for freedom from my anxiety. for my children. for the ability to finally sleep again 

I pray for Michael’s complete healing also Jenny Carmel & Freancesca for Fr Terrence’s name to be cleared, for my own healing in mind body and spirit 

please include the following for their healing: 1.) Mary Joyce C. Infante, my niece, who's kidneys are failing; 2.) Avelino V. Dion, my brother-in-law, who is battling prostate cancer; 3.) Danilo G. Ahito, my brother, who is dealing with stroke he suffered in 2006; 4.) Raul Cuchapin, my nephew, who also needs physical healing and marital healing; 5.) Violeta A. Pagala, my sister, who had her birthday yesterday: and, 6.) Hilarion M. Ahito, my father, whose death anniversary we remember today.

please help us in this prayer intention: holy god, please take the storm over me and my family away. Keep away the devil and all the evil. Please give us many blessings, healings and mercy. Please help us soon as possible, u know our misary. Mother of god and Teresa of Calcutta pray on the throne of god for us, please. Thank u, lovely ur child Jan Marco Bialas. Amen

praying for the families and their matrimonys for the h Joy and holiness for the peace and wisdom protection of the child j. R and nao ans family all for yhe work of m to stay with us to find the right home to cancel all this debt mother teresa please help me and help my dear ones amen. Thank you help me with the # please please.

ease read note below on baby Noah. Please continue to pray for baby Noah. Thank you






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Many lives have been touched or changed by Mother Teresa. We are interested in receiving your personal recollections to help spread knowledge and devotion to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and to record your memory for future generations.  


Share a personal experience you had with Mother Teresa.


Why do you love Mother Teresa?


Report any favors or miracles received through the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.


NOTE: What ever you write may be published (subject to editing) by the MTC.
If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail.









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