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I have a friend … a beautiful lady through and through. She and her husband have had a great sorrow in their lives because they have been unable to have babies survive past the first trimester of pregnancy. She was tested by a genetic specialist who told her she has a defective genetic trait - and while it is possible for her to conceive, it is very unlikely the child will be formed in a manner that will allow it to survive the first trimester. Well ... In March of 2005 I told her about Mother Teresa having a special concern for pregnancy and women who want to become mothers. Although she is not a Catholic, she apparently did listen to me. And she apparently did pray for Mother to pray for her. When she announced her baby was due in May 2006 - she must have conceived in September 2005 - she was well past her first trimester. When she told me about her great joy, she reminded me (she had to **remind** me!) that I had told her about Mother Teresa - and she credits this baby (girl) to Mother's intercession. Isn't that wonderful? The baby shower party is scheduled for 2 April 2006 ...

Mother Teresa has prayed for me and God has answered with a "yes!" My husband and I were married in 2001 and we tried to start a family in Spring 2003 after moving into our newly-built house. My husband and I both went to our doctors to find out what might be going wrong. My husband's doctor recommended surgery to unblock a tube. Surgery was fine but lab results a few months later showed it would still be a long-shot to achieve pregnancy. We then attended an adoption seminar (and met some wonderful people) and dragged our feet about signing up for a social worker to conduct a home study. Since March 2003 I've been attending daily noon Mass and I usually stay for the rosary afterwards. My husband has also attended, too. It is part of our routine now - such peace. Meanwhile, a new parish for the northern part of our town was formed in September 2004. Our pastor held some town hall meetings in Autumn 2004 and Fr. Bob, MC was our speaker at one of our meetings … and … shared many beautiful stories about Mother Teresa's life. One story particularly was memorable for my husband and myself - Fr. Bob's [relative] was unable to conceive a baby so he recommended they pray to Mother, and within one month a baby was conceived. For my husband and I, we prayed 3 months and conceived! Our daughter was due September 24, 2005 - but was born early (on September 3, 2005) and we brought her home on September 5 (Mother Teresa's feast day)! […] We have shared our story with many people. We thought your organization should be notified, too. [Our daughter] is an absolutely beautiful baby - we are very humbled and grateful to God for blessing us so abundantly. Her grandparents and a family friend babysit her. It has brought our family closer.

In July we purchased a house that we were going to renovate and resell for profit. … We had gone into considerable debt to purchase and renovate the house because we were told that it would sell quickly and for a very good price and that we would make a very good profit on it. In addition to this house, in the meantime we - foolishly - purchased another "sure thing" fixer-upper, which was going to bring us even more “good profit”. The point is that we became VERY extended (stretched) financially by buying these two houses and fixing them up. … We were really feeling the pinch financially and were under tremendous pressure to sell these houses ASAP and try to get our money back. And, to add to the pressure we were feeling, my wife, from the very beginning told me that she thought this was a very bad idea and that we were going to lose money. Why is this important? To underline the marital stress we would be going through over the next several months. We were told the house would sell quickly, maybe by the middle of October, the latest. Right. … October DRAGGED ON. Not one single offer came in through all of October and most of November, with the bills mounting and tempers flaring … I wasn't even employed at that time, and there was just no end in sight to our misery over these two houses. I had truly dug us into a deep financial hole and we didn’t see any way out. From the beginning of November, each day … at each other’s throats with anger and accusations. This was probably the lowest point, honestly, in our entire eight-year marriage. LOTS of anger and LOTS of bitter fights over our bleak-and-getting-much-bleaker financial situation. Long story short, it was the end of November (four months since purchasing and putting the house up for sale and two months since it had even been listed with a professional realtor) and we had NO INTEREST AT ALL in either house. Not only were they not sold; there wasn't even an offer on them. And, worse yet, the season was basically over and we weren't even getting people to come over and LOOK at the houses. Due to my gross imprudence, our financial (and marital) situation was very bleak indeed. We were truly at wits end, as you can imagine! We were very stressed out and anxious and nervous about the future. Then an idea came to me: we've done all we can humanly speaking (in fact the houses were beautifully finished and really were charming). We have nothing to lose: let's pray for help. That's when I remembered the prayer cards to Blessed Teresa ... I also remembered that my wife’s middle name is Teresa. So, I decided to pray three times each day the prayer card to Blessed Teresa, asking for her help in selling the first house we bought. At the end of the prayer, I would ask: “Blessed Teresa, please help us to sell this house on N. Drive.” And this is where the favor came in. The night that I prayed that prayer card for the first time was Sunday in November. It was approximately 10:00PM. And I remember it well because I had just had another nasty fight about the houses and I was alone in my home office and feeling quite desperate. At approximately 10:00AM the next morning, on Monday, I received a phone call from our real estate agent: someone had made a solid offer on the house. I said to myself, “Wow, I’m going to have to call on the intercession of Blessed Teresa for things more often!” I was absolutely stunned. Recall: this situation was bleak. The selling season was over. Nobody buys houses around the holidays. It was already starting to be cold outside, winter was coming on, etc. AND, most importantly, it had been on sale for almost four full months! Wasn’t sold. Very few people had even been in to see the house. AND: NOT ONE SINGLE OFFER ON THE HOUSE IN ALL THOSE MONTHS OF WAITING. Then, I say three times the prayer card to Blessed Teresa. And less than twelve hours later, we have a solid offer on the house. To me, that is clearly divine intervention. I did continue praying the prayer card, by the way, because I knew that an ‘offer’ is not a closed deal, not by a long shot. I prayed the prayer three times in succession once a day and asked for Blessed Teresa’s help in selling that house on N. Drive. I was very specific about which house I wanted to sell first and I never prayed to another Saint or Blessed specifically for this favor. It was only Blessed Teresa that I asked to intercede. And what confirms me in this belief that Blessed Teresa interceded for us is a series of facts related to the case. First, as I indicated here, the ‘turnaround time’ could not have been more dramatic: after MONTHS of waiting, I say the prayer card late one Sunday night. And twelve hours later, first thing Monday morning, a woman makes a solid offer on the house. Second circumstance: THIS WAS THE ONLY OFFER WE EVER RECEIVED ON THE HOUSE. No one before or after this one woman ever showed any interest in the house. That is VERY rare in real estate: to have your first offer be your ONLY offer and for the only offer you receive to be the person who actually closes on the house and moves in? That is almost unheard of. Usually, you have several offers over some months and some are good, others not so good. And you pick and choose among offers. Or the prospective buyers back out and you ‘lose the deal’ once or twice before the house actually sells. To close the deal and sell the house to the one and only person who ever showed any interest and made an offer on the house is VERY rare indeed. In fact, I have never heard of that happening ever in my experience!







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