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Testimonies have been condensed and edited; personal and identifying information has been removed.

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In February 2008 an ultra sound revealed that there was a large tumor on my liver. I was in Toronto where I live. I was returning To Trinidad shortly on a vacation and thought I would defer the suggested surgery to have same removed until I could have some prayer ministry done with me. Needless to say I was very depressed but I kept praying for strength. My friend Beatriz called me whilst I was still in Toronto and said she had a feeling to call me because I was on her mind and felt something was wrong and that was why she called. I told her what had happened and what the doctors had said. I was also experiencing some pain on swallowing for a period of time. An ultra sound revealed that there were three masses over my thyroid. I started praying about that and called Trinidad for prayer. Before I left Toronto a nuclear scan was done - for which the results were not available before I left. I was in unbearable pain in my right side abdomen and could not sit for long periods. I was not able to sleep for nights on end. It felt like a ball of fire in the liver area. When I came home to Trinidad Beatriz anointed me with her oil of Loreto and placed the Mother Teresa stamp over my liver and throat. This happened on the Sunday when she took me for the week end on her boat. I got home that night and I slept like a baby - something I had not done in a long time. I had no pain - I just thought it was because I was exhausted from the two days on the boat and the salt air. But when I woke up on Monday morning I felt happy and light -all pain was gone. All day I felt like this - so I called Beatriz and told her - she was exhilarated. She said she would again pray with me the next day. When she touched my abdomen she was startled - and pulled away and said something was wrong - she felt nothing in my abdomen. She then told me the day she prayed with me on the boat that her heart went out to me because she held the tumor in her hand and it was as large as a grapefruit. She took me home to her house and again anointed me and placed the stamp on me. She was so overjoyed at this healing through Mother. She could not have been happier than me - I was in the pain. I have previously had 15 major surgeries for kidney problems and the thought of another one was not high on my agenda. I was leaving Trinidad in two days and she advised me to continue using the stamp and praying, As soon as I came to Toronto I rushed to see my doctor he was amazed and pleased. He passed his hand over the area and smiled and wrote what I said in my file and closed it. He suggested another ultra sound and deferred the surgery for six months. The ultra sound showed the cyst was still there but seemed to be smaller. Since then I have had no pain - this was the miracle - if you knew the terrible paid I had. The last nuclear scan showed no mass on my thyroid praise God. I am continuing to anoint myself with the oil of Loreto and place the stamp on my liver and throat, and trusting Jesus for complete healing through Mother and her stamp and the prayers of Beatriz and others. Beatriz is an angel in human form. She has a humble, kind and generous heart and always blesses other people's lives tremendously. God bless you all.

I wanted to share with you the miracle received through the intercession of
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Fall of 2009 my mother was very ill with a rare disease received from an
organ transplant. Her odds of living were not good. At a prayer service for
my mother in Chicago, a friend brought the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Novena
booklets. She passed them out to those that wished for them.

I believe saying this novena caused the miracle to happen that my mother
survived. She was on death's doorstep but she was a real fighter and was
able to make it through. The power of prayer in the Blessed Teresa's novena
caused a miracle that I am forever grateful for.

I thank the Blessed Teresa for her intercession.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in March of 2006 and had 4 surgeries between March of 2006 and February of 2007 and 12 rounds of chemotherapy. When I learned at the hospital during my 3rd surgery that the cancer spread from my colon to my liver, my doctor rushed over and brought me a “Miraculous” medal which Mother Teresa had given to her then 4 year old daughter. I protested that such a medallion would soon be considered a “relic” and too valuable to give away. I just wanted to touch it. She insisted I wear it around my neck. She is from India and is not a Catholic. So she said to me, “you’re the Catholic, what would Mother Teresa want, me to keep it in my drawer or you to wear it?” So, I gratefully “borrowed” it and still have it. I actually now wear an identical “substitute” around my neck as I am too afraid of losing the real thing which I keep at home. She even brought a photo of Mother Teresa giving the medallion to her daughter (who is now in high school).

I am presently “cancer free” and give great credit to Mother Teresa. I prayed often to her for strength and healing. I collected and read many books on her while I recuperated. While I had excellent medical care, one can never underestimate the power of prayer in healing.

my grandaughter Angelina got her job with good insurance. Thanks so much for all the prayers. and thank you Jesus

In thanksgiving for the favour received through the intercession of Blessed Mother Theresa.
My son and I thank our beloved Mother Theresa for granting a good job after a terrible job hunting period of three months. and also for the job promotion granted . Thank you dear Mother Theresa and continue your blessings on us.

About 18 months ago I asked for prayers to get a job that allowed me to sit the whole shift.
I am no working in an office EMSI in Waco TEXas. I want you to know just how grateful I am for your prayers and for the NOvena to Mother Theresa.

I also want to give a testimony of gratitude for prayers said in behalf of Dennis Woolsey who has finished his chem and readiation and the doctor says his tumor will be gone in 3 months. Thank you for praying for him.

Since I started praying this novena (I have prayed before but I do not remember any effects) this week. some events have happened. I would not call them miracles not they way we think of a miracle.
I had my bank account levy from the State (it is a long story) and believe me I had done no wrong, I found myself without a penny and I never felt so desperate in my life. I made a bunch of phone call to get nothing but words no money Thursday, no money Friday and the weekend.
During the weekend I prayed and prayed that this matter was clarified. Please I prayed let the truth come up. Monday the levy was taken off and thinks are moving in my favor now. It is not all finished yet but I have a faith that it will be. Thank you

In June of 2008 my godson (and nephew) Brendan experienced seizures. My sister took him to the hospital where he was found to have a brain tumor. He was later operated upon and diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer called angiocentric glioma. At the time he was 4 years old. As you can image, this was a trying time for his mom and of members of the extended family. As a side effect of the surgery, he lost movement of his left arm and hand.

We rallied many friends to prayer on behalf of Brendan. We had masses said on his behalf and I myself never prayed so hard. It was likely that all of these prayers helped convinced God to spare Him. However, Brendan’s illness and recovery has been a process and continues to be one. In August of 2008, a co-worker gave me the Novena prayer of Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

“Jesus, you made Mother Teresa an inspiring example of firm faith and burning charity, and an extraordinary witness to the way of spiritual childhood and a great and esteemed teacher of the value and dignity of human life. Grant that she may be venerated and imitated as one of the Church’s canonized saints.

Hear the requests of all those who seek her intercession, especially the petition I now implore (Mention here the favor you wish to pray for).

May we follow her example in heeding your cry of thirst from the Cross and joyfully loving you in the disguise of the poorest of the poor, especially those most unloved and unwanted.

We ask this in your name and through the intercession of Mary, Your Mother and Mother of us all. Amen.”

My wife and I prayed this prayer nightly for Brendan’s continued healing from August 28 - Sep. 5, 2008. I believe that since that time Mother Teresa has interceded on behalf of Brendan and that her prayers have helped him in his recovery. His hand and arm are getting stronger and he has regained function of both. Moreover, the residual scar tissue or mass which showed up on the MRI immediately after the operation is now smaller and appears to be shrinking.

Thank you for the favour of this evening. Thank you for your wordsthat are in you book. They give me faiht, force to go on, and you give me felicity in my strong life, with so many difficulties. Though I love you.


thank you Lord for Mother Teresa
she brings me home-to you Lord. her being radiates the truth that you are love as it is written in the scriptures.
I love you Mother Teresa





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