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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

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Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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My sickness started in June ... I could not hold solid food down. I had stomach-aches a lot and kept going to doctors. They would run tests and tell me I'm fine. This went on and on. I was living on liquids and had lost 85 pounds. I didn't have much strength. I kept going to work and putting up with being hungry and having stomach aches. In February, I was admitted to the hospital. I told the doctors I wasn't leaving until somebody helped me. ... [When the doctors] opened me, they found a large tumor that ... [had spread from previous breast cancer]. My friend told me to rub Mother Teresa's relic where my cancer was. I did. Then in March as I was going for my first treatment, I stopped at my daughter's ... and my friend gave me Mother Teresa's relic to rub again where my cancer was. I believe it worked. On June 1st, I was told I'm in remission and they didn't find a trace of the cancer on my scan. I'm very thankful.

49 Days of unemployment- End of unemployment. This is a praise report-The result of prayer and God's mighty work. Thank you for all who prayed over these many days. Today (7/20/2005), I signed a contract for a Chemistry teacher position with a large Massachusetts city school. The pay is much better than my previous college employer, the hours are less, the benefits are better, and finally, the commute to work is about half the amount of time from my previous college employer. The best complement I got today was from a staff member at Human Resources; "You are valuable, it is very hard to get qualified science teachers, and you are very qualified to teach here. We appreciate you coming here". This was so different from the attitude of previous academic employers, including my most recent college employer. Also, I have been accepted to teach science courses online with several colleges, one in California, one in Florida, and finally one in Massachusetts. I will teach science courses for these colleges and at one college; I have a proposal pending to design and teach a course on bioterrorism. Also, I have been put in the adjunct instructor pool of several other colleges and hope to be called upon to teach in 2006 (their fall 2005 semester has already been filled). During this time of waiting, networking, interviewing, and writing resumes, I have found time to train on new software, a new Course Management System for E-Learning, and improve my skills to make myself more marketable in the employment market (as well as doing a lot of praying!). I must express thanks to Father God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as well as all of the intercession by the saints and Internet friends across the world. I must thank all of you for your prayers, offering of Masses, rosaries, and your kind words of support and wisdom. Some of you took the time to send me encouragement, suggest Internet job sites, or just share your sympathy bore out of your own past unemployment trials. This period of despair was made lighter by your compassion, prayer, and sincere desire to reflect Christ during this low time in my life. Finally, I believe your actions and prayers are a testimony of how Christians-using the Internet and email -can be truly supportive and bear the Light of Christ for others-even if they are thousands of miles distant from yourselves. Truly in this complex and conflict-ridden world, your actions and responses provide a beacon of Christ-like Hope for me and many others. Finally, although my prayer requests may not be as frequent now that the answers to my prayers have occurred, please know that I will be checking on various prayer sites and prayer intention boards. I have prayed for others and their intentions. I will continue to do so. I have learned much from this endeavor that combined a global exercise of prayer and the power of computer technology to magnify and share the needs of believers with the omniscient God who cares for all of us personally and intimately. Thank you again and may God richly bless each and every one of you.

I have received the prayer and 2nd class relic asked some days ago, and feel so happy. The novena prayer book and the prayers are really "great", they touch my heart. I'm so happy to learn to know Mother Teresa better, and to fight my fear from such a great woman, disciple of Jesus, because I feel despite all that she is so near us even in our rich countries, where we have everything ... But maybe simplicity and love, And I felt guilty about that. And now I feel more confident that with her I can learn step by step , with humility to become in my family nearer and nearer of Jesus, so that Jesus can live in my family. And to learn to get rid of all the unnecessary things we have, little by little, with love and compassion.

I write this letter to speak of a miracle that Mother Teresa has performed. Last year, my granddaughter exhibited behavior related to drugs and alcohol abuse and ... [she had become very violent and was finally imprisoned]. During this time, I saw the beatification of Mother Teresa and began to pray to her to help my granddaughter. ... I have prayed daily that Mother Teresa would watch over her and help guide her on her path back to our family and to our heavenly Father. I believe that Mother Teresa is the guiding force for her [subsequent] recovery and that it was a true miracle. ... After being released, she rejoined her family. In the past year she has gone from almost dropping out to completing 2 years of high school, with excellent grades... She prays, and so do I, that she will be able to overcome her temptations and stay on the right path. Mother Teresa has always helped the poor, children and mothers. She has been right there for my family and I pray that you will take this as one more sign that she deserves to be elevated to sainthood.

I admired Mother Teresa for her simplicity, courage, faithfulness, correctness, perseverance, dedication, humility, love. There are not enough words to describe all the good qualities this angel of mercy emanates even after her death. I would like to share a miracle I had witnessed through her ... intervention. In June, a boy was kidnapped .... Although I worked with his mother in the same company, I had only spoken to her maybe on two occasions. I felt compelled to visit her the next day after the kidnapping had occurred with other friends from work. ... When an opportunity arose, I pulled her gently to one side. I told her I knew she was Buddhist and that in no way I wanted to disrespect her beliefs, but that I was praying for her and I was asking Mother Teresa and Father Pio to do a miracle and return her boy safely. She went to get a piece of paper and wrote on it the name of Mother Teresa since she had never heard of it. Back home, I watched the progress of the news and prayed more to God, Mother Teresa and Father Pio. ... On the third day, the boy was found a little bruised but alive [against expectations of officials of the police department]. A few days later ... she gave me a card and told me something that made me almost fall off my chair. She told me that the night after I had told her about Mother Teresa, she had pulled out the little piece of paper where she had written her name and prayed with all her heart that her boy be returned safe. I told her I had no doubt it was because of Mother Teresa's intervention that her boy was safe. ...This just reaffirmed my faith in the Lord and especially dear Mother Teresa.






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