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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

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Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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I was given a novena booklet to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta back in January, January 22, 2005 which was the 32nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. It was given to me before the candlelight vigil prayer service we do in our parish every year for the unborn and for the end of abortion. I was so thrilled to receive it. The next day, which is the day of my birth (1/23/60) I asked for her intervention on a particular request of a priest that I am spiritual fond of. He had told me back in November that he would like to be the Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in our diocese. He was ordained a priest on May 24, 2003. I wrote my request down in the novena booklet "For Fr. Chris to become pastor of St. John's in Zachary." I had forgotten about this novena over the months ahead. This past June, as the new assignments of priests were announced, I read that Fr. Chris had been assigned as Pastor of St. John's in Zachary. As I read this announcement, I had chills as the novena came rushing through my thoughts. I was at church when this announcement came through by FAX so when I got home, I looked for the novena (which happened to be with no effort to find) and read the request that was made back in January of 2005. I was so filled with joy and thanksgiving that I called Fr. Chris and told him how I had prayed for Mother Teresa's intercession! I know this is not a healing of sort but it is an answer to prayer! Mother Teresa has become a model for me in my ministry with Respect Life and was given her spiritual studies on tape recently before the hurricane hit. If it wasn't for these tapes and hearing her voice on them, I don't think I could have gone beyond my comfort zone to visit the shelters of the evacuees recently. I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana, 30 minutes away from Baton Rouge. Thank you for your continued ministry and eagerly awaiting direction of God's will. All for Jesus, always.

I was in a severe emotional state - and crying and depressed for three solid days. I could not stop. This horrid loneliness and sorrow came over me. I prayed and enlisted the help of heaven. As I was praying, I had the thought that I was just praying to air and that God was not listening. This went on for three solid days!!! It wasn't until I saw Mother Teresa's daily reflection book on my bookshelf - and I picked it up and read it that I was calmed of this torment, and given back my joy. Her words filled my spirit with a new song, and my dark day became like spring time. It brought such a peace of soul, and those darkest hours seem so far away.

Mother Teresa touched my heart, making me both a Christian, and fiercely anti abortion.

I have been asked … to write a brief account of my son Corey's battle with cancer, and how Mother Teresa's intersession helped my son. Our son was a very athletic 17 year old, who had been complaining of back pain for a couple of months. The pediatrician felt it was nothing serious, and told him to spend more time stretching out his back before playing sports, and increase his dosage of Motrin. It wasn't until one Sunday morning February 24, 2002, Corey woke early to tell us he was having trouble breathing, every time he took in a breath he was getting a sharp pain in his chest. After a few tests at a local medical treatment center, we were taken by ambulance to Hasbro Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Testicular Cancer. The cancer had spread into his lungs. The illness had caused a bag of fluid to form around his heart, and that fluid was filled with cancer cells. Our only child was so sick, and our world began to fall apart. Everything happened so fast - surgery, followed by almost a year of chemotherapy, and 2 stem cell transplants in Boston. Nothing was working the way the Doctors initially had hoped and they told us on January 3, 2003, that they were unable to cure him, and they felt is was time for us to begin thinking about palliative care for Corey. I had prayed so hard during Corey's illness. Rosaries and Novenas were part of my everyday world sitting next to Corey as he received chemo, underwent scans and tests, or just asleep in his hospital bed. I made a one-decade Rosary for Corey to keep with him during treatments. Many family members and friends gave me prayer cards with Novena prayers to Saint Peregrine, Saint Jude, Padre Pio, and I prayed them all plus more. I was born on November 1st - All Saints Day, so I prayed to many Saints for their help during this time. I prayed in the middle of the night when I would wake up and could not sleep. I often prayed through tears to God declaring my faith that I knew he could heal my Corey. I told him this miracle would have a profound affect on many people around us especially Corey's young friends who told me that they too were praying for a miracle. I prayed to our Mother Mary, a Mother of an only child - a Son that she watched suffer so... as He carried and died on the cross. I told her how I too was watching my son suffer as he carried his cross of cancer. She could understand the pain I felt in my heart and I prayed she would take my prayers to her Son Jesus so that my son would be healed. However, when our prayers were not being answered on that cold January 3rd day, I became so angry. I walked out of the Doctor's office with my son, husband and mother-in-law confused at the news we were given. I couldn't understand why God wasn't hearing and answering my prayers. I decided at that very moment I was not giving up. I would just have to pray louder and harder for that miracle. That evening, my mother-in-law had spoken to her sister in California who had just read a story of a mother who had placed a photograph of Mother Teresa over a cancerous tumor on her child, and the tumor disappeared. The following day I went to the local mall with a photo of Mother Teresa that I received from our cancer prayer group, and one of Corey's undershirts. I had the photo imprinted on his shirt, and Corey wore that shirt everyday. I prayed to Mother Teresa daily as well as continuing my prayers to Jesus and Mary, St. Peregrine, St. Jude, Guardian Angels and a Novena to the Most Powerful Hand. Inexplicably to all of the Doctors, Corey's cancer began to disappear. The Doctor had started an outdated combo of chemo drugs hoping that it would help to keep the cancer from spreading further, but not expecting a cure. Within 2 1/2 months from the day we were told he could not be cured, his cancer was gone. It has been over 2 years now and Corey's cancer is still gone - Praise God!!!! I truly believe that many things came together for Corey to receive his miracle. Many prayers, rosaries and novenas said not only by me but many family and friends, a rosary prayed with my cousins at the chapel at Hasbro Children's Hospital, a special healing mass at our parish St. John Vianney, a visitation of the replica image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to our parish, and Mother Teresa's photo worn on Corey's undershirt. Mother Teresa was the one after all else failed, that brought all of my prayers to God. Not until my phone conversation with Tom Gallagher did I realize all that must be in place for a person to become a Saint. I'm not sure our story will qualify completely, however, I submit this to you with hope in my heart that Mother Teresa could be recognized for this special miracle given to my son Corey. Thank you for your time. Louanne Fox





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